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Area 4 Camp Booking forms for 2015!!!!

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Attached is the booking form for Area 4 Summer Camp at Bishop Burton and the Junior Camp Booking form PLEASE DO NOT USE LAST YEARS FORM!!!


Last years camp was a great success and we welcome all members of Area 4 Riding Clubs for a fun weekend of horsing around xxx

Sundays competition at Bishop Burton will start an hour later than scheduled!!!

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Hi everyone just to confirm that tomorrows competition at Bishop Burton College Sunday 1st February will be starting an hour later than scheduled at 10am!!

This is to allow the frost to clear a bit before we start


Many thanks Maggie


Invitation to meet BRC staff for Q & A session, followed by regular Area 4 meeting on Monday 26th January

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

At the Area 4 Liaison Group meeting on the Monday 26th Jan @ The Bay Horse Goldsborough.

There will be 2 of the staff from BRC headquarters visiting us and will take questions from the clubs. Please note, however, these questions must be mailed to our Chair Maggie Smith beforehand and by Thursday 22nd at the latest please. There are to be no questions asked during this meeting unless they have been emailed to Maggie prior thankyou.

This special meeting will begin at 7pm and the usual area 4 meeting will start at  8pm.  Anyone who is a BRC Area 4 member is welcome but please liaise with your club if you have not attended a meeting before or if you wish to submit a question.



Rulebook for 2015

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Here it is the BRC rulebook for 2015 !!!


Happy Reading and Happy New Year all :-)


BRC Rulebook 2015

Message from your new Chairperson Maggie Smith

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Good afternoon all,

This is my first official ‘Thank You’ as area 4 Chair.

Saturday was a very successful day and congratulations to all the clubs who went home with rosettes and Good Luck to all our riders who will be going to the championships! Lets hope we keep some national champions in Area 4!

Please pass on a huge ‘Thank You’ to all A.D.R.C. & Brimham members who gave their time to steward and help make the day very pleasant. The feed back has been great about all helpers. It makes you feel better when the nerves are building and adrenalin is high and the steward has a smile! I know

Another team who must be mentioned is Sue Elmsley and her team from Harewood, Ackworth and Brimham, who crunched numbers, collected sheets and VIP job…updated the score board.
I know people just want to go home once they have finished but scoring takes time and if there are questions then we want to get it right. Thank you again Sue.

R.E.C. made us very welcome and the centre looks fantastic with it’s face lift. Thank you to Donna and her hard working team with a special mention to the ‘car parking’ ‘team!

If I have missed any one it is by mistake.

See you all after Christmas!


Margaret Smith
Area 4 Chair

Dates for your Diary

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Dates for the Liaison Group meetings in 2015
26 Jan
27 Apr
27 Jul
26 Oct (AGM)
All at the Bay Horse Goldsborough.

Show dates as they stand
Event Date Clubs Responsible
Winter dressage 1st November Richmond Ackworth and Brimham
Indoor showjumping 31st Jan- 1st Feb East Yorks/White Rose (sat) Ebor Vale/Scarborough (sun)
Combined Training 15 March Richmond Malton/N Ryedale
Show Cross Epworth EC Saturday 18th April 2015 Selby/Holme Valley/ WYHP
ODE Dressage 21st June Helen Bells Nidd
ODE S/J Darrowby
ODE Sec/Score collectors Whitby/Fryers Hill

Summershow Dressage Saturday 11th July 2015 York/Eldwick
Summershow SJ Sunday 12th July 2015 Northallerton/Colderdale
The Summer show this year will be held at Epworth Equestrian Centre and the Dressage will be on Saturday and SJ on Sunday!!!


Tuesday, September 30th, 2014




One other thing is that we have been getting questions about whether you can compete in both competitions and if so can you do it at different levels.

Here is the answer from head office

This Intermediate Championship is throwing up a few questions!

A rider and horse can do prelim and novice in the same competition year as long as they are eligible. Things to consider are that the horse must have 0 BD points to do a prelim and that if they do the prelim at the Novice Winter Qualifiers, the rider must be in BD groups 7 and 8. A horse cannot do a prelim and elementary test in the same competition year.

On the second question, as per usual the same rider on the same horse cannot ride in the elementary twice as it is the same test. They could however do it if they had two horses and rode one in the team and one as an individual.

I hope that all makes sense

Closing date 10th October, entries to me please.

payment (£40/team, £10 ind)

Please send cheques for entries to

24 Saxon Rise


HU17 7SN





Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Hi Just a slight amendment to the published dates for the winter dressage and jumping.


Richmond had double booked so can no longer offer us 2nd November, so have offered us the 1st November instead.

There will be a new dressage comp this winter as announced by Mary and in Rider magazine. This is intermediate dressage and has teams of 1 prelim, 2 novice and 1 elementary tests there will also be individuals.

Riders/horses will be able to compete in both competitions as long as they fulfill the restrictions laid out in the rules for both competitions. see attachment

Because of this we are going to try and run both competitions on the same day, but as a result there will be no warm up tests. I hope that agreeable to most people.

So to recap ….

There are 2 competitions both have Junior and Senior sections.

Comp 1 Novice Winter dressage Qualifier for Hartpury.

2 prelim (P18) and 2 Novice tests (N24)per team and is TEAM ONLY. (restrictions on Prelim riders)

Clubs will be restricted to 2 Senior teams and 2 Junior teams.

Comp 2 Intermediate Winter Dressage Qualifier for Bury Farm

1 Prelim (P13) 2  Novice tests (N28 & N34) and Elementary test (E42)

As you can enter this as an individual the limit is for max of 8 riders but also a max of 2 riders per test for Junior and Seniors (i.e 8 Juniors plus 8 Seniors.)

I hope that is clear I can clarify if required.

Please remember riders/horses can compete in both competitions as team members, but there may be a long gap between rides.

Entry fees are £10 ind and £40 team

Entry form will be sent out presently.

PLUS one more reminder of Qualifier and Champs dates.

Dressage Qualifier 1st November Richmond

Novice Champs Hartpury 4-5th April

Intermediate Champs Bury Farm 2-3rd May

Jumping Qualifier 31st Jan-1st Feb

There will also be an intermediate jumping and so Bishop has been booked for the whole weekend 31st Jan to 1st Feb.

One day will be Seniors novice only, the other will be intermediate seniors and junior novice and junior intermediate.

This way we only need to build the one course.

The jumping is teams only

Full rules for the new comps can be found in the attachment, the link to the page detailing the competitions is below.



See you at the AGM



Message from HQ

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

New BRC Intermediate Winter Championships for 2015

Due to popular demand, BRC will be introducing a new Championship for 2015. The Intermediate Winter Championships will take place on 2 and 3 May 2015 and qualifiers will start from 1 October 2014. This new Winter Championship will be held at Bury Farm Equestrian Village, Slapton, Bucks LU7 9BT. With classes for both seniors and juniors, including dressage for teams and individuals, with one prelim, two novice and one elementary test and Intermediate show jumping teams, round one starting at 95cm.

Schedule and rules for this new Championship will be available shortly on the BRC website. The dressage classes will be open to riders in all the BD groups. Appendix 2 of the 2014 BRC Rulebook covers eligibility of horses competing in dressage tests and Intermediate show jumping classes.


BRC Rule Change
There is a change to the dressage test for the Winter Championships. The Prelim test will now be P18 (2002) and not P17 (2014).

Letter from your Chairman

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Dear Committee Member,

These are just my thoughts about Area 4 Riding Clubs, as you are all too well aware one of the reasons that I am standing down is because I do not want to implement any changes, but changes have to happen as HQ introduce even more competitions.

I fundamentally do not think that the Area should be split in two, nor do I think that the outer fringe clubs should be encouraged to go into adjoining areas, for all sorts of various reasons:-

Whichever way you divide the area it will not please all the members including those on the boundaries, who will have to decide where they go to.

Similar argument to those clubs moving to another area, remember once moved that that club can not move back to Area 4 if it does not work out for them.

This might then lead to some of our clubs folding plus I know we are all proud of being in and from Yorkshire.

Question that needs looking at is what you do with the funds that Area 4 has carefully accumulated in the past 9 years if you split the area into 2, do you give clubs that join other Areas some sort of dowry as they leave.

Competitions; you have asked for shorter days as you can not get help from your members, what do you think will happen once the Area is split and there are only 10 clubs to draw help from, especially where XC is involved (it wont be long before HQ insist that we have to have a pair of FJ’s per fence).

You already know that VAT has been added to certain venues which should make the cost of entries per person rise by 20%.  Area entry fees have not been raised since 2009 and long may that continue.

Your members tell you that they want to go to the big venues for their qualifiers and do not want to be in farmers fields, the suggestion put forward that the two areas would join together to keep the cost down will not work due to both areas wanting to put in as many teams as they can. This would cause long days for the officials, stewards, judges, scorers etc.

My suggestions are:-

That clubs be allowed to enter as many teams as they want to but that each qualifier should run over two days.

That the role of Official Steward be delegated so that you do not have one person having to attend for a whole weekend at every qualifier.  There are at least 6 people in our Area that have been on training courses.  I could even do one where I was not competing.

Carry on allowing clubs the day to day running of the competitions which should also include scoring.

The elected Officers still arrange Dressage and SJ Judges, SJ Course builders, Paramedics etc. and that the number of elected officers are increased so that there are two entry secretaries so that they can rotate competitions as they will be doing this nearly every month.

That HQ be informed that the number of teams qualifying needs looking into and that they can not just say No when large Areas are putting in such large amounts of prelim fees in.  Nor can they say that their days at the Championship are too long.

If there were more hands to help lighten the load then you may get volunteers to take on the elected roles.  Remember that slitting Area 4 into two groups means that you have to find two complete sets of committee members.  From all our members we find it difficult to find one volunteer so how you will find two complete sets leaves me perplexed.

We have the winter dressage competition coming up at the beginning of November there has been a suggestion already that we should not run the warm up tests but hold the Intermediate Winter Dressage on the same day.

Please let your Area 4 committee know and thank you for your time in reading this.

Thanks Richard.

Bottom HR