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Times and list of Jobs for Port Royal this Saturday!!!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Here are the times for the DTM Show at Port Royal this Saturday

Copy of DTM Times


Helpers for Saturday!!! 

flu vacc Northallerton
flu vacc Malton
declarations White Rose
steward East Yorks am
steward Scarborough pm
writer Calderdale 40m
writer Holme Valley Music am
writer Selby Jorvic
writer Nidd Jorvic and Music pm
adder upper East Yorks am
adder upper York pm
adder upper Selby
score collecter East Yorks
music player Ebor Vale
Poo pick till 10am Eldwick
Poo pick 10am til 2pm Northallerton
Poo Pick 2pm till end Ebor Vale


Thursday, July 10th, 2014

EPWORTH here we come !!!!

RC’s can you let other RC’s know especially if you have another RC’s number.

*******The Area 4 competition is not running at REC this weekend********

REC have taken the desicion to close their site down as STRANGLES is within 5 miles of them.  Please let all competitors know NOT to travel there for this competition.

Whatever happens from here on in, I know that it will not please some of us, but behind the scenes I am frantically trying to source a site where we can move our busy competition to lock stock an barrel. This is so the teams can remain the same it will just be the venue that will be different.

Port Royal, Yafforth, Bishop Burton can not help.
Breckenbrough have very kindly offered us their facilities for Sundays Dressage.

*******ALL IS NOT LOST **********and by 10pm tonight I hope we will be sorted, althoughthis will mean that other clubs may well have to help set up and there will be no stabling on site.

Please prove to me what I have always thought about the RC movement and lets pull together

………….Thank you for all your ideas, it just shows that we can be very resourceful when we work together, if I had my way you would all be going to the Championships.!!!!!!
We needed to run this weekend, as finding a different date to suit everyone would have been impossible and the Championships are looming.

All the times and running orders will remain as originally published and the clubs who were running the phases will still be responsible for those on the day.  Any offers of help re setting up tomorrow would be gratefully received to be there from 3PM onwards.  We must all help clear the SJ’s away and put the dressage arenas out.

Please when you see John (Proprietor), personally thank him as he has ditched his plans for a weekend away with his family so that WE can have our Qualifier.

I hope to see you all there with smiles on your faces and remind me to smile too.
Again can you let everyone know ASAP.  I am now going to do a spot of DIY which I had planned to do at 5pm tonight !!!!! Best laid plans !!!!!!!
Forgot to add about entry and exit, please stick to his one way system.

Can we all enter the site without going into Epworth.

That means from the roundabout (that I call the 5 Lane Ends/Reindeer Pub end) if you have come over the motorway and the Pub is on your right can you take the 3rd exit travel down that very straight road for about 3/4 of a mile and turn left into Scawcett Lane.  You will then enter the site field on your left.

Thanks still no DIY done!!!!!!!



Times and SOS for Richmond

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Afternoon all,

Attached are the times for this weekends events.
If you have any changes to competitors they will have to stick to the times that we have worked out  for the multiply riders already.  So I suggest you look for competitors within your club who are not already competing to make things easier for all concerned.
SJ competition there are times when some of the members are not jumping with their teams please make sure they stick to their times.

No doubt there will be something we have missed completely, if so, let us know ASAP.

*****SOS***** Has anyone got 2 electronic sets of SJ timing equipment as REC’s are not able to supply us with any.

Thanks Richard


Wednesday, June 11th, 2014



Afternoon all,

Please find attached the new version with all the changes todate. Let your competitors know their NEW NUMBER……..

Selby Juniors are now in the Junior section.

Thanks Richard

Wharfedale Greenway

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

What about me

Hello Andrew,
> I wasn’t sure who to contact at HCTG – you drew the short straw!
> There is a proposal to create a cycle route along the Wharfe Walley between
> Pool and Burley.
> At this stage there is no provision for rider access which is disgraceful.
> In an attempt to publicise this ommission, with a view to getting at least
> partial access, can I ask if the details on the attached flyer can be
> emailed to members. The more voices raised in support of rider access, the
> stronger will be our case. We already have the backing of the Leeds City
> Council Rights of Way Officer. The BHS is now ‘in the loop’ too.
> Comments can be made at the exhibition venues or via the website:
> Thank you
> Sue Cliff


Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

May 18th Hack out with hounds- The Aerodrome, Breighton, Selby, Yo86ds £10 all welcome inc bacon sandwich and a drink

 June 22nd Hack out with hounds- venue tbc

 July 20th Hack out with hounds- venue tbc

 July 26th ceilidh- summer doo a great evening with a band, melbourne, tickets from the web

 Aug 3rd summer show- Equiferst quals 2015 showing, show jumping, working hunters, inhand and a new fun ring for children, Gate Farm, Balkholme, Howen, Dn14 7xh

 Aug 24th Hack out with hounds- venue tbc

 Oct 5th Hunter Trial- Manor Farm X country, Balkholme, Howden Dn147xh a new smaller class for children, something for everyone

 For more info and schedules

or Jemma 07807242321

BRC Riding Tests & Style Jumping Lecture Demo by Margot Tiffany- BRC Master Judge

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Title: BRC Riding Tests & Style Jumping Lecture Demo by Margot Tiffany- BRC Master Judge
Location: Askham Bryan College
Description: BRC Riding Tests & Style Jumping

Lecture Demo by Margot Tiffany- BRC Master Judge
Askham Bryan College. Wednesday 11th June 2014
6. 30PM start.

£5 to non members.

An evening with Margot, who will give members an insight into the new format of the ‘Riding Test’ and ‘Style Jumping’ at Novice and Open levels.
This will be a practical evening with guinea pigs from our clubs.
Any members who would be willing to come along and guinea pig for us let me know ASAP. We will need 2 riders each level (4 Dressage & 4 Jumping).
Please use the information form attached for ‘guinea pigs’ as I will need to contact them and make sure we have a variety of riders at all levels.
Please come along and support this evening as I am sure you will find it most helpful for both riders and trainers.
Drinks will be available. Please let me know by return a rough idea of numbers from your club.


Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2014-06-11


Wednesday, April 30th, 2014






Open to all, each QUALIFIER* organised by Area 4 will give all RoR registered ex racehorses the opportunity to compete in this exciting new challenge. Our shows will give you the chance to collect points on the day with the aim of winning the RoR Riding Club Challenge rosette. Registration is FREE and can be completed at



• To be eligible your horse must have raced in Great Britain.

• You must register with the ROR who will supply you with a registration number. This number and horses registered name must be produced on your entry form and emailed to Lisa Fieldsend Area 4 = :- Please note however, .. failure to give Lisa your number before the event will result in the rosette being given to someone who has!!!!(she is not a mind reader!!!)

• Each class entered will earn one point.

• Points also earned if placed 1st – 7th. (1st place = 7 points down to 7th place = 1 point.)

• The winner will be the horse and rider combination gaining the most points.   To ensure we give the correct result at busy events, the result may be announced the next day or when Lisa has received the results and once points are confirmed.

• Points will only be awarded if you are RoR registered on the day of the show and points cannot be awarded retrospectively.

• In the event of all eligible competitors being unplaced in a class, the highest % will gain 7 points and so on. Collective marks will be used if required to arrange placings,


For all Area 4 Riding Club Members, you have the opportunity to gain points towards The ‘RORRCC’ Trophy which is presented at the Area 4 Liaison Group AGM on 27th October 2014.



If you have not already done so please email with your name and your horses registered name and ROR number Thanks xxx

Note from Richard Thompson our current Chairman

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Evening All,

I will be standing down as Chair of Area 4 at the AGM in October this year, therefore please accept this email as notice of my resignation from the Committee. I will still continue to honour my commitments for Area 4 until that time.

I came onto the Committee in Oct 2005 as Vice Chair becoming Chair the following year I have taken this post seriously and on the whole had a great time.
I know that the Committee’s elected Officers and the Official Steward are exceptionally hard working people a fact that we all take for granted. Denise, Jann, Mary, Maggie and Nicky thankyou for making my time as Chair so much easier during these years.
I personally owe Sue a huge debt of gratitude.

I do still intend being an active member of my Riding Club and if selected for their teams I will continue seeing the many friends that I have made over the years.

Area 4 has reached a crossroads regarding competitions and changes are inevitable. I am resilient to change, so before I am considered a dinosaur I know it is time to retire. I wish my successor the best of luck.
Thanks Richard

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Endurance GB (EGB) is once again offering a Team Endurance Event to affiliated British Riding Clubs on a national scale. The competition is now in its fifth year and is continuing to grow.

An affiliated British Riding Club can have a “pool” of horse and rider combinations that are interested in competing in endurance, from which any number of teams of three to six riders can be selected. Each Riding Club can then enter their teams into any number of qualifying rides of 30 to 40km (about 20 to 25 miles). The qualifying rides can be chosen from over seventy EGB events throughout the country.

Potential riders do not need any special equipment, particular breed or type of horse to get started. Only the rider, their horse and normal riding tack is required. Riders do not have to be members of Endurance GB in order to compete, but they must be current members of their affiliated Riding Club. The Riding Clubs must declare each horse and rider combination with the national organisers before they enter any qualifying ride.

A team who completes a qualifying ride successfully will have its team score entered into a League Table for the Region in which the Club is based. A squad can then, if it chooses, enter a second or subsequent qualifying ride. The team score achieved at the second or subsequent qualifier will replace the existing score in the League Table if it is higher than the existing score. The team scores are calculated from the speed achieved over the course and the horse’s pulse at the final veterinary inspection.

The top team in each League Table for the ten Regions and the top ten teams on a national basis excluding the top ten from the League Tables will be offered a place in the Team Endurance Final at The British Horse Feeds Red Dragon Festival of Endurance on Sunday 5th October 2014. Some wild card places may also be offered at the discretion of the national organisers. Stabling, corralling, camping, lorry parking and refreshments will be available at the venue.

The rules of the competition and full details of the Team Endurance Event can be found on the official website:

If you have any immediate questions or would like to discuss the event further then please do not hesitate to contact the organisers Jane & John Hudson on 01398 332089 or by email to

Events in our Area -
North Yorkshire 27-Apr-14 Wykeham 32 & 42 km
North Yorkshire 15-Jun-14 Helmsley 33 & 42 km
North Yorkshire 21-Sep-14 White Horse Wander 30 km
South Yorkshire 25-May-14 Last Of The Summer Wine 32 & 40 km
South Yorkshire 07-Sep-14 South Yorkshire (Moorhouse) 32 & 40

The Riding Club Team Endurance Event is open to teams from all affiliated Riding Clubs. Teams are invited to enter an Endurance Qualifier at an Endurance GB Ride in their local area. The team…


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